Intelligent Building Solutions

Intelligent Building

The Transtel IBS (Intelligent Building Solution) employs multiple IP based systems,IP Devices and IP Smart Terminals to build a modern IP Based Voice &Video Communication Platform with Access Control capability.

The IBS is flexibly arranged for small, medium and large congregate building or housing facilities with varied configuration needs.

The Transtel Intelligent Building Solution design concept encompasses cost effective simple standards based infrastructure. The IBS Platform can then be customized to suit a variety of applications and needs based on requirements.

IBS can flexibly provide;

  • Communications
  • Access Control & Security
  • Video Surveillance
  • Internet Access
  • Apartments & Condominium Security & Communication Solutions

The fundamental cabling ofall IP systems, devices and terminals are kept unchangedno matter which application is deployed.Customers can easily upgrade to their solution without changing the cabling structure.

This is one of the reasons that we call it “INTELLIGENT Building Solution”.