IP Phones


The IP37-62/PF Dual Mode VoIP Phone is flexibly versatile and adapts to modern and increasingly popular VoIP infrastructures.
An optional FXO interface is available which allows the telephone set to be used with traditional PSTN telephone lines as well.

● PoE ( Power over Ethernet )
This feature enables the VoIP Keyphone to operate without the bulky AC power adapter. The power is delivered by a PoE-enabled Hub or Switch over standard Ethernet cable.

● FXO ( Foreign Exchange Office )
The VoIP Keyphone can also make traditional phone calls through its built-in FXO interface, thus integrating both PSTN and VoIP Internet communications.

With this configuration users get the best of both worlds by taking advantage of innovative VoIP technology and the significant cost savings on long distance calls. Also productivity gains emanate by networking the IP37-62/PF to other systems, anywhere in the world.

Of course when needed the “DUAL Mode” feature can be counted on to receive and place calls over traditional telephone lines.

All models incorporate a standard feature set that includes a phone book of up to 140 contacts that can be easily accessed and automatically dialed. The latest technology is offered to enable crisp and brilliant hands free communication and audio while on calls.

“Call logs” means you can quickly review missed calls while out of the office with the ability to simply press a button to return the call, a big productivity gain and time saver.

The new IP37-62/PF Series Dual Mode VoIP Phones offer users the benefits of modern technology advances while embracing the security of traditional telecommunications when required. All at an affordable price point with an exceptional warranty and a global company to stand behind it.

General Specifications

  •  Backlit LCD Display: 2 lines * 16 characters
  •  DSS/BLF button (Dual Color LED): 12 sets
  •  Ethernet 10/100M Based-Tx Auto Sense Port: Two ports
  •  Headset Jack
  •  VoIP Protocol: SIP RFC-3261
  •  Codec: G.711a/u, G.723, G.729 (Optional), iLBC, GSM
  •  Audio Quality:
  •  VAD (Voice Activity Detection)
  •  CNG (Comfort Noise Generator)
  •  PLC (Packet Loss Concealment)
  •  AJB (Adaptive Jitter Buffer)
  •  Echo Cancellation: G.168
  •  VLAN Support
  •  QoS (Quality of Service): RTP/UDP (ToS/Diffserv)
  •  VPN Client (L2TP)
  •  Supports 3 SIP Accounts

Standard Features

  •  Phone Book: 140 contacts
  •  Call Hold
  •  Three-Way Conference
  •  Call Split (Broker Call)
  •  Call log (Call out, Missed calls, Valid calls)
  •  DND (Do Not Disturb)
  •  Auto Answer
  •  Group Listening
  •  Handsfree Conversation
  •  Headset Mode
  •  Microphone Muting
  •  Extra Features (VP series IP-PBX)
  •  Call Forward (All calls, Busy, No Answer)
  •  Voice Mail Indicator
  •  DSS (Direct Station Selection)
  •  BLF (Busy Lamp Field)
  •  Call Transfer
  •  Paging

Useful Features Description
▇ Increase Communication Efficiency With Auto Answer When enabled, incoming calls are automatically switched to the hands free mode, enabling you to freely enter information on a keyboard or do other things while talking.

▇ Group Listening
When talking with someone on the line, you can press the [SPK] key to enable the Group Listening feature and share the conversation with colleagues located in your office.

▇ Missed Call Indication
Missed calls will be indicated by the flashing [Log] button. Press this button to check the missed call and then press the [SPK] key to call that number. It is simple and easy to operate.