Lynx 2

The Small, Flexible and Talented TransTel Lynx is the most powerful phone system in its class. It delivers virtually all of the advanced features expected from a larger system; enabling even the smallest business to access advanced telecommunication tools thus giving a competitive business advantage.

User friendly and affordable – the TransTel Lynx comes pre-programmed with simple ‘plug and play’ functionality. Simply unpack the system and connect to your phone lines Pre-configured for your convenience with 3 outside (CO) Lines, 8 Digital Extensions complete with LCD Hands free phones, optional 2 x Single Line Extension ports, Full Feature Voice Mail for taking messages.

The standard TransTel Lynx capability can also be further expanded with the ability to connect to the NBN network for the connection of 4 x VoIP Lines with full DDI number capability *


Economy and Efficiency The base system is equipped to support three (3) CO lines four (8) digital stations and two (2) analogue stations. The system may be expanded to a maximum of five (5) CO lines / four (4) VoIP Lines. Practically any combination ranging from all Transtel DK Digital Sets to 2 industry standard Single Line Telephone sets, with multiple combinations of the two types. In addition to being cost effective at the initial phase and for expanding to its maximum capacity, the LYNX system also is economical to operate as it consumes about the same amount of electricity as a 60 watt light bulb at full configuration.
Easy Installation • “Factory Ready” – All LYNX Telephone systems are “ready to go” right out of the box. A well thought out default database is factory installed on each system which meets the needs for most installations. This alleviates hours of on site time, minimizing installation costs for both dealer and customer.
• “Small & Compact” – The Key Service Unit’s small size takes little space for installation.
Easy Maintenance • Solid-state design minimizes trouble and eliminates periodic maintenance.
• Easy Expansion. Various Interface Cards for simple, modular expansion.
• Versatile programming and options for ease of selection.
• Database Flash Memory Back Up – Customer data is backed up when the power is turned off and there is no battery to replace.
• Battery Back Up (System Operation) – LYNX systems can be equipped with an optional battery back up which keeps the system operational for up to 1 hour in the case of a commercial power failure.
• Customer Care Programming – Customers and service personnel can easily communicate and perform programming right over the telephone. Transtel telephone systems allow programming and voice conversations to be performed at the same time.
• Advanced software upgrades – Through the RS232 connection, system software can be upgraded easily without replacing any firmware.
Flexibility of System Applications Unlike other conventional systems in the LYNX size range, the installer will find an unprecedented range of customer database programmability. In “system parameters” there are extensive options for various timing settings related to features. An array of parameters are programmable for signalling options on outside lines and internal single line telephone sets. The installer may Enable/Disable many system wide features. And in class of service, there are over 20 options for each station providing maximum flexibility for nearly any application.
Varied Extension Alternatives You can connect proprietary Transtel DK series Keyphone, Door Phones and conventional industry standard single line sets – Modem, Answering Machine, Cordless phone, etc. directly to the KSU. This feature provides you with the choice to select different extension equipment to suit individual applications.


Interface Standard Expansion
Analog CO Line 3
VoIP Trunk Lines (SIP) 4
Digital Key Station 8
Analog Extensions 2
Auto Attendant, Operator Delay (2 Channels) Yes
Voive Mail (8 Mail Boxes) Yes 2.5 hours
RS232 Port Yes
Battery Backup (Optional) Yes
External MOH Yes
KSU Dimension- L x W x H (mm) 290x230x76
Weight 1.2Kg

Phone Features

Advisory Messages Direct Station Selection
Access to System Programming Door Phone Access
Account Code Capability Do Not Disturb (DND)
Auto Hold Dual Color LED
Auto Hold Recall Duration Time Display (LCD Phones)
Automatic Call Back Executive Override (Barge-In)
Automatic Answer-Intercom External Call Forwarding
Automatic Line Access Flash (Open Loop Timed Flash)
Automatic Redial Hands-free Answer Back
Automatic Volume Increase Hearing Aid Compatibility
Brokers Call Headset Compatibility
Call Duration Timer (LCD Phones) Hold (Exclusive / System)
Call Waiting Hold Recall
Call Forwarding / All Calls / Busy / No Answer I Hold Indication
Call Pickup I Use Indication
Call Split Intercom
Call Transfer Intercom ring / voice interchange
Calling Name Display (LCD Phones) Intercom Step Call
Calling Number Display (LCD Phones) Intercom Voice Announce
Camp On Last Number Redial
Chain Dialing Message Waiting
Conference Multi-Language Display
Dial By Name (LCD Phones) On Hook Dialing
Dial Access to Attendant