The IP8100-HS (Home Server) is the central node of the smart home. It has two WAN ports:

  • WAN1 is for connecting home occupant’s Router for the communication of IP extensions and the roaming IP extensions outside.
  • WAN2 is linked to the Complex’s central Router/Switch and then connect to IP-PBX or Server to communicate with any other devices in the complex.

The IP8100-HS has one PSTN port to link with traditional telephone line. Therefore, all the IP extensions of IP8100-HS can make a call and answer a call from the normal telephone line, IP Trunk line of ITSP or IP Video Door phone from the complex or calling from administration office.

In addition to the above communication functions, IP8100-HS also has 8 sensors (DI) and 4 Relays (DO) for Home Security and Home Automation purpose. Its RS232 port can be linked with external RS485 interface devices through RS232/RS485 converter for more advanced Home Security and Home Automation applications as well.

There are multiple numbers and devices of smartphones, tablets and IP3980 you can connect to
IP8100. When you have a visitor, IP8100 will simultaneously ring all of your connected devices.
In additional, IP8100 can connect the visitor’s call through the PSTN line to your assigned mobile
phone number or telephone number when the assigned IP devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.)
fail to connect to IP8100.

IP8100 provides 4 relay outputs and 8 digital inputs. It allows you to monitor and control
an alarm or remote stations or equipment and machinery.
Whether you’re home or on the other side of the world, you get alerts for gas, leaks, intrusion,
etc. on your smartphone, IP phone, tablet, and IP3980, all of which are connect to IP8100.