Intercom / Access Control


TransTEL’s new IP Door Phone IP39-40ACR is a standalone SIP phone, designed to enhance extended communication ranges of a VoIP network by providing Voice, Video, Access Control, Door Entrance capability and Direct Extension Dialing.

Integrated into a SIP Server as end points or extensions, TransTEL IP Door Phones allow voice and video communication, plus door control, in multiple company branches operating within a single IP domain or intranet. Integrated IP video cameras provide real-time video streaming and the stylish housing of these TransTEL IP Door Phones complement the design architecture of most buildings and office spaces.

  • Multiple door access codes
  • Door opening from any extension
  • Programmable day and night destinations
  • Integration with local LAN and VoIP networks (Cloud or Local)
  • Network Configuration: DHCP or Static
  • Authorized registration with existing VoIP switching system (SIP Proxy)
  • Automatic busy & disconnect detection
  • 999 Speed Dialing Memories
  • Destination No answer call forwarding
  • Day and Night weekly time profiles
  • Informative Display Separate Day & Night destinations
  • Speed dial memory scrolling
  • External buttons
  • Two separate door controls
  • POE-Power over Ethernet
  • High quality speakerphone with WEB volume control
  • Web Management interface / Web GUI password protection
  • Integral Card reader
  • Door Status Detectors
  • Backlit keypad with stylish design ( * Indoor Touch keypad)
  • Anti Vandal / Tamper Proof with security alarm – Case Open Alarm