Intercom / Access Control


The ACP30 is a single button doorphone / intercom with a touch interface.

Housed in an aluminium case with a sealed front fascia and rear facing speaker, the ACP30 is IP44 rated meaning it is weather resistant and therefore suitable for sheltered exterior use if required. The aluminium case is finished in a deep blue varnish and the fascia is black. The call button and logo are backlit in blue for easy visibility in low light or darkness and the call button backlight changes to white in the active state.

The ACP30 is a digital device connected and powered via a single pair from the main equipment and is compatible with all current series Series systems. The ACP30 has two sets of dry relay contacts to control devices – such as doorlock solenoid and a camera for example, plus a sensor for uses such as alarm, and includes self defense features such as a case open alarm and an unplug alarm.

The ACP30 is available in two models : the ACP30-D which is as above, and the ACP30-RFID which has an integrated MiFare reader allowing MiFare cards or tags to be used to automatically trigger the door relay – according to system programming – so allowing the ACP30 to also provide unattended portal access to authorised personnel if desired.

Feature List :

  • Built-In Mifare reader – (ACP30-RFID model only)
  • Keypad: Touch sensitive call button
  • Intercom for indoors use
  • Door control
  • Door status indication
  • Self-Defense (un-plug) alarm
  • Case open alarm
  • One relay will be activated immediately after initializing the Intercom Call – and will remain active for the duration of the call.
  • Button illuminated by backlight lamp for night use
  • 8 level speaker volume – controlled by system programming
  • 8 level microphone volume – controlled by system programming
  • Power over Line (PoL)

Audio Specification

  • Electronic bell:    88 dB +/- 3dB at 0.5 m
  • Speaker frequency range:    350 to 3400 Hz
  • Conversation mode:    Hands-Free Half Duplex

Mechanical Specification :

  • Body Material : …. Aluminum
  • Standards : ……… IP 44
  • Color :………………. Black and Blue
  • Mounting : ……….. Wall Mounting
  • Dimension : 130 L x 65.5 W x 33 H (mm) (with rubber pad)
  • Weight : …………. 282.4g (net)

Environmental Specification :

  • Max / Min. Temperature (operating) :
    0º to 40º C
  • Max / Min. Temperature (storage) :
    -40º to 66º C
  • Humidity :
    0 to 95% relative