Intercom / Access Control


The ACD20 is an RFID device designed to allow unattended portal access to authorised personnel by RFID card/fob swipe, and according to system programming for card, door – or other unit/function, and time of day.

The ACD20 contains a MiFare RFID reader/writer, a relay for control of master door relay or other device, and two sensor inputs. The sensors can be used for a remote switch door open function – like a push button inside the premises, or other uses according to system programming. MiFare RFID cards and key-fobs are available from TransTel, and must be registered with the system to be valid.

The ACD20 is designed for wall mounting, is IP44 rated, has a disconnect alarm, and is small and inobtrusive – being sized to fit a normal door jamb. It has LED illuminated logo and card indicator for easy visibility in low light and at night. The card indicator and an internal sounder provide feedback on card swipe status.

The ACD20 is a digital device connected and powered via a single pair from the main equipment and is compatible with all current Series systems.

Features :

  • Integrated Mifare reader/writer
  • Relay with NO/NC contacts for control of other equipment
  • Two sensor inputs for programmable usage
  • Illuminated logo and card indicator for low light / night visibility
  • Visual and audible feedback of card swipe status
  • Self-Defense (un-plug) alarm
  • Powered and operated by single pair digital wiring from system
    (nb. this is not including any relay/sensor wiring)

Electrical Specification :

  • Output : SPDT Relay : Contact Rating 1A / 30VDC
  • Input : 2 x Sensor Cct : Dry Connection :
    – Open loop > 470KOhm; Closed loop < 100 Ohm.
  • Powered from system (35~40VDC); Consumption : 100mA

Mechanical Specification :

  • Body Material : …. ABS
  • Standards : ……… IP 44
  • Color :………………. Black
  • Mounting : ……….. Wall Mounting
  • Dimension : ……. 99.6 L x 40 W x 24.6 H (mm.)
  • Weight : …………… 85g (net)

Environmental Specification :

  • Max / Min. Temperature (operating) :
    0º to 40º C
  • Max / Min. Temperature (storage) :
    -40º to 66º C
  • Humidity :
    0 to 95% relative