The DK7-21 keyphone is a new model recently released to complement the stable of TransTel digital keyphones. Compatible with all TransTel “G” series systems, the DK7-21 provides a full range of features on these systems for a very modest outlay. Features such as : a large character 2 line LCD display so you are kept informed of call and phone status; 10 bi-colour DSS LEDs that allow presentation of line/group status, co-worker extension status, other system function status etc – all according to system programming; large format dial keypad for easy use and all the function keys necessary for easy call handling; normal, and handsfree operation for voice; adjustable levels – preset and tone choice for ring, preset and dynamic for voice; and more.
With its two position back stand the DK7 can be adjusted to preference, and sits well on the desk allowing for full visibility and easy use.

The 32 Character Display Shows :

  • Time (system real time clock).
  • Dialed Telephone Number.
  • Last Number Redial.
  • Speed Dial Number.
  • Speed Dial Directory.
  • Voice Mail – Messages Waiting.
  • CO Line Names.
  • Status of Operation/Function.
  • Absent Messages.
  • Calling Party Number and Name.
  • Phone / System Setting Values.

Specifications :

  • Ring / Message Indication Lamp.
  • 10 Dual Color DSS Keys.
  • 14 Function Keys.
  • Speakerphone.
  • Handsfree Calling.
  • Adjustable Volume Level for Handset / Speaker / Ringer.
  • 8 Ringer Frequencies.
  • Adjustable Dual-Angle Back Stand.

Key System Features Available:

  • Answering Machine Emulation.
  • Automatic-Answer Intercom.
  • Auto Attendant with Overflow.
  • Busy Lamp Field.
  • Barge-in.
  • Call Forward –Busy/No Answer/All calls.
  • Call Transfer.
  • CLI on Both External and Internal.
  • Conference.
  • Do Not Disturb.
  • Music On Hold – Recordable.
  • Paging (All / Zone / Meet Me).
  • Pick Up Groups.
  • Programmable DSS keys.
  • Single Digit Dialing.
  • Trunk Queuing.
  • and many more …..

Physical :

Dimension (L x W x H) 220.5 x 176.5 x 90.5mm
Weight 680g
Body Material ABS
Color Black
Mounting on Desk or Wall
Max / Min. Temperature (operating) 0º to 35º C
Max / Min. Temperature (storage) -30º to 66º C
Humidity 10% to 95% relative
Max. Loop Resistance
/ Impedance
< 40 Ohms 26 AWG/200m