Intelligent Building - SM

IBS (Intelligent Building System) offers the SIP Video Intercom and Access Control Service. It comprises the following Blocks:

  • Center Server: CMS for SIP Video Intercom and Bluebox for Access Control
  • Office: DVR for Video recording. Staff PC for Admin, Staff and Guard
  • Main Gate Video Door Phone: IP39-60PCR (Tri-function: IP Cam, SIP Video Intercom, Access Control)
  • Public IP Cam, Intercom and Access Control: IP39-4x series SIP Video Door Phone with Tri-function.
  • Access Control: G1E+M: AP gateway and its Access Point Devices
  • SIP Android Control Monitor: IP3970, IOU81 and IDP20 for Door Bell, Home Security, Intercom, Home Automation

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