Auto Telecom New Zealand

Auto Telecom New Zealand Ltd is a Branch Office of Auto Telecom International, we offer Sales and Distribution support, 2nd and 3rd Level Technical Support to our Dealers, and Product Development, R & D.

Auto Telecom New Zealand Ltd is unique in the NZ Telephony market as being the only PABX manufacturer which has committed to establish a NZ branch office and to support and develop the TransTel Brand and Suite of Solutions for the sophisticated needs of the NZ market as well as the Pacific Island Region.

Auto Telecom New Zealand Ltd has also committed to extend this professional support and expertise to provide complete and smart solutions for our customers.

Auto Telecom New Zealand Ltd is dedicated to the delivery of customer excellence in all areas of Telecommunication Sales, Technical Support and Development of TransTel Solutions, and has a philosophy of nurturing long term relationships with both TransTel distributors and customers.