How VoIP effects you

Telephone Systems and VoIP

So your looking at VoIP …

It is likely that you will be approached by a Telco representative who will tell you : “Your existing telephone system is incompatible with the VoIP and must be replaced”
This statement is not true in the vast majority of cases!  (and that’s putting it politely) So before you agree to, or sign anything to do with the above – do some research.
In almost all cases existing telephone systems can be connected to VoIP ! Some may require ancillary equipment to do so.
Some – like current TransTel equipment – may be VoIP ready, or easily made so, right now.

Be aware of Scammers attempting to prey on the uninformed, they are more interested in selling you new equipment than giving you what you actually need.

What to do if you want VoIP

In many quarters there is confusion about what VoIP will mean for telephony and telephone systems. Further below is a more detailed description of options, but briefly :

  • More and more Telephone services will be carried over Voice over IP (VoIP).
  • Many customers are being told by certain parties that the arrival of VoIP means their existing telephone system is unsuitable and must be replaced. This is incorrect ! (and that is putting it politely).
    In the vast majority of cases systems using traditional lines can be upgraded or fitted with adapters.
    The option of system replacement is entirely the choice of the system owner and cannot be dictated.
    If customer systems are currently using VoIP trunks they are ready right now.
  • TransTel Systems CAN be used on VoIP! – recent systems are easily, or already, optioned for VoIP.
    Older systems can be upgraded or adapted.

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